July 22, 2024

CS:GO Radar Awareness for Entry Fraggers: Initiating Attacks



In the high-stakes world of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), entry fraggers play a crucial role in initiating attacks and opening up bombsites for their team. As an entry fragger, having exceptional radar awareness is essential for making informed decisions, coordinating with teammates, and maximizing your impact on the round. In this blog post, we will explore the significance of radar awareness for entry fraggers and provide valuable tips to help you become a more effective initiator on the CS:GO battlefield. learn more

Understanding the Entry Fragging Role

Entry fraggers are responsible for leading the charge into bombsites, taking down enemy defenders, and creating space for their team to execute strategies. As an entry fragger, your primary objective is to secure key areas and gain early map control. This requires a deep understanding of the map layout, chokepoints, and potential hiding spots. Radar awareness plays a crucial role in identifying these areas and making informed decisions about your approach.

Preparing for Engagements

Before initiating an attack, entry fraggers must gather information from the radar. By positioning the radar in a way that provides visibility of the bombsite and potential enemy positions, you can prepare yourself mentally for the upcoming engagement. Analyze the radar to identify any gaps in the defense or potential enemy rotations. This information allows you to plan your entry route and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Coordinating with Teammates

Entry fragging is a team effort, and effective radar awareness facilitates seamless coordination with your teammates. By sharing radar information and callouts, you can ensure that everyone is on the same page and maximize the chances of a successful entry. Communicate your intended entry route, the presence of enemies on the radar, and any vulnerabilities you spot. This level of teamwork and synchronization is crucial for executing successful attacks and securing bombsites.

Anticipating Rotations

As an entry fragger, you must stay one step ahead of the enemy team. Radar awareness allows you to anticipate enemy rotations and adjust your strategy accordingly. By monitoring the radar, you can spot enemy blips, track their movements, and predict their potential positions. This information helps you make informed decisions about when to commit to an attack, when to fake a bombsite, or when to rotate to another site altogether. Being aware of enemy rotations gives you a significant advantage in creating openings and catching defenders off-guard.

Reacting to Grenades and Utility

Radar awareness also helps entry fraggers react to grenades and utility thrown by defenders. By closely monitoring the radar, you can anticipate enemy utility usage and adjust your approach accordingly. For example, if you spot a cluster of enemy blips near a chokepoint on the radar, it indicates that defenders have likely thrown grenades or Molotovs. This information allows you to adjust your timing, take alternative routes, or coordinate with your teammates to neutralize the utility and maintain your momentum.

Clearing Areas and Gathering Information

Entry fraggers must effectively clear areas and gather information for their team. Radar awareness helps you identify potential hiding spots and enemy positions. By positioning the radar to cover the area you are clearing, you can gather valuable information and relay it to your teammates. This information is crucial for the success of subsequent attacks and allows your team to devise strategies based on the intel you provide.

Continuous Adaptation and Reevaluation

As an entry fragger, your radar awareness should be constantly adapting and evolving throughout the round. Enemy strategies may change, rotations may occur, and new information may be revealed. It is essential to continuously reassess the radar, adjust your approach, and communicate any significant changes to your teammates. Staying flexible and adaptive ensures that you remain an effective initiator throughout the round.


Radar awareness is a vital skill for entry fraggers in CS:GO. By utilizing the radar effectively, entry fraggers can gather crucial information, make informed decisions, coordinate with teammates, anticipate enemy movements, and initiate successful attacks. Developing a keen sense of radar awareness takes practice and experience, but by implementing the tips discussed in this blog post, you can enhance your entry fragging skills and become a valuable asset to your team. So, embrace the power of radar awareness and lead your team to victory in the world of CS:GO.

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