April 15, 2024

Is Gambling in an Online Casino in Singapore Legal?


Gambling remains illegal in certain countries. Some reasons why gambling is still illegal include underage betting, problematic gambling behaviour, or even losing one’s life from gambling debt. While it is considered a crime or sin in some cultures, it can also lead to offenses and violations. These countries believe gambling should be illegal to prevent the loss or degeneration of society’s norms. 

However, most modern societies agree that a total ban on gambling is not a retroactive strategy that achieves the desired results. This is because it doesn’t protect those vulnerable to gambling harm. One popular argument is that gambling, no matter how illegal, will still be practiced by people.

In Singapore and Malaysia, people have legal options to gamble. They can enjoy betting through Singapore pools, promoting a secure and quality betting experience. Since it does not offer casino games, its betting options are limited to what casino online games Malaysia offer. 

Online gambling is legal only when it is conducted through Singapore Pools. Bettors who want to try online gambling Malaysia must ensure that they only gamble through licensed and trustworthy casinos. Before gambling, they must search for a reliable Singapore casino to avoid penalties. 

Gambling through other websites that are not government-based is illegal. All Singaporeans caught engaging in these illegal activities could face different penalties such as:

  • Maximum fine $1,500
  • Maximum fine $300,000. Six-year imprisonment or both
  • Maximum fine of $500,000, seven-year imprisonment

Although many countries haven’t passed gambling laws, it’s legal for you to play online even if there are no licensed websites. However, you can’t trust websites offshore that won’t pay any outstanding payments. There are many offshore brands with a strong reputation, and you can be sure to trust them. It is essential to distinguish between legal gambling websites from offshore gambling sites.

To know more about this matter, here is an infographic from CM2Bet.

Is Gambling in an Online Casino in Singapore Legal


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